Based around rhythms and movements made with the feet, tap is a challenging and fun, upbeat style. This genre attracts dancers who love rhythm, musicality and coordination.


Including fresh choreography, hip hop is an expressive, dynamic and free movement style that promotes performance, coordination and groove. Hip hop is awesome for developing confidence, performance skills and coordination. DANCE PLACE aims to develop their own crews during 2022.


A fun combination of dance, singing and acting. Perform to modern and classic musical theatre songs to grow your performance ability. This genre attracts expressive and outgoing personalities who want a fun and energetic class.


A beautiful, disciplined yet graceful syllabus, students have the ability to progress through Royal Academy of Dance examinations from Pre Primary up to Advanced 2. Ballet is the backbone of all dance styles and promotes body awareness, strength and technique.


If you love to dance with your friends but don’t want to compete at competitions, learn fresh choreography across multiple genres and the foundation of good technique then this is the class for you. Our DANCE PLACE Squad will perform at our concert.


Wanting to take your dancing to the next level? DANCE PLACE COMPANY is specifically designed for our top dancers to reach their potential. Company members will dance in competitions and events throughout the year that help to develop their performance skills through to a professional level.To be part of our Company you need to be taking Unlimited classes and ballet.